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Year 9 - Vol VII

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xGenius front

IEC 61850 testing solutions

The xGenius now supports GOOSE and SV protocols, IRIG-B interface and packet capturing for easier Substation IEC 61850 migration, also some first insights about the upcoming Zeus tester.



  • Identifies and analyses IEC 61850 GOOSE and SV streams
  • Provide latency, jitter and frequency statistics about the selected streams
  • Enables GOOSE and SV filters for custom analysis of IEC 61850 data streams.
  • Captures Ethernet and IP traffic in endpoint and pass-through modes
  • Includes hardware frame time stamping and filtering
  • Allows synchronization of capture time stamps with external clock input available in the unit
  • Adds IRIG-B clock reference input and output
  • Supports both IRIG-B balanced and unbalanced interfaces

The new Zeus!

All utility communication in one tester

  • 1 Gb/s Ethernet with built-in GOOSE and SV testing capabilities
  • Includes traffic capturing for both transmittion and recieving packets
  • Exports captured results to PCAP and PCAPNG formats
  • Optional IEEE C37.94, E1/T1 and synchronization capabilities
  • Includes built-in external clock reference input/output
  • Native support for IRIG-B, PTP and SyncE

And more coming soon!


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