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Ether.Giga - The new Deal

Ether.Giga is a dual port tester equipped with all standard features, plus new ones such as eSAM, Multistream, FCS error insertion, etc. to quickly install, validate or troubleshoot Ethernet and IP networks, while verifying the Quality of the new Multiplay applications.

The 'state-of-the-art'

This tester supports ALL the features including the most advanced suites like eSAM or Y.1564

Ether.Giga is a field instrument capable to check the Connectivity, the Performance, the QoS and the SLA of Ethenet inf of new Multiplay services to quickly install and troubleshoot Ethernet services, including Triple Play applications, high-performance Computing, Virtualization Services, Data Centers.

Case studies

  • 'go to the client premises to confirm inmediately the end-to-end set-up'
  • 'how can we verify that packet jitter disturbs VoIP quality?'
  • 'this customer requires a Service Performance test to verify that traffic streams arrive at CIR'
  • 'I need a multistram unity to verify simualtaneosuly IPTV, VoIP, and Data'
  • 'RFC 2544 is nearly irrelevant to test QoS and SLA certification, please execute eSAM test!'
  • 'Hi boss, do not forget, we need a tester capable to operate 12h. on batteries '

Features and Benefits

Built as a field device to be used anywhere:

  • Y.1564 and e-SAM test
  • Sym/Asymmetrical RFC2544 test
  • FCS error insertion in passthrought mode
  • Multistreams for IPTV, VoIP, and Data test
  • MPLS and Q-in-Q for demarcation tests
  • Scan MAC/IP/VLAN/QinQ
  • Migrable to Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE)
  • VNC remote control
  • MADE-IN-EUROPE (design&fabrication)

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Dear Customer,


Ether.Giga is a tester 100% designed and manufactured in Europe. A handheld tool that includes absolutely all the features that only the most advanced hand-held testers support, including 12h. of continuous operation with batteries which is and indication of the level of electronics eficiency we have reached. Please, feel free to contact us we can demo or loan a unit.
Kind Regards,

Sales Director

Americas: contact Mike at
tel: +1 647 233 7353

America Latina: contact Marcelo at
tel: +593 999 707 159

Brasil: contact Aderito at
tel: +55 11 5051 1578

Europe: contact Ramon at
tel: +34 610 292 763

Germany/Austria/Switzerland: contact Silvan at
tel: +41 71 910 03 78

Middle East: contact Tarek
tel: +34 655 449 589

India: contact Prem at
tel: +91-98110 55459

UK: : contact Julian at
tel: +44 (0) 1865 601008

RoW: contact ALBEDO at

iPhone or iPAD Remote Control

E T H E R . G I G A
(gbe  tester)

E T H E R . S Y N C
(synce tester)

E T H E R . L O O P
(loop back device)

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